Yugm, a mesmerizing folk-fusion band from Jaipur, is the harmonious collaboration of Abhishek and Mayank. Their serendipitous meeting while busking in Jaipur led to the birth of Yugm in 2016. Siddharth met them and had an instant connection with the music and has become a core part of the band ever since. With a profound belief in the expressive power of music, Yugm’s songs touch upon social issues like water scarcity, menstruation taboos, and societal satire. Their lyrics captivate with purposeful composition, while their seamless fusion of folk and contemporary sounds creates an ethereal musical experience. Notably, their song “Musafir” was featured in the Netflix series “Mismatched,” and they garnered widespread popularity through a 10-city tour in 2022. Yugm’s originals like “Doley all alone” and “More Piya” resonate deeply with the masses.

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